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22, Lav, Украина
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I LOVE MIS.LITA!!! ???? i love Lita i want you Rita!!! i love you i love you
i love you!!!! i want you i love you i love you!!! Rose Bouquet of roses
Chocolate box i love you!!! Bouquet of roses Heart Rose Bouquet of roses
Chocolate box Bouquet of roses Bouquet of roses Bouquet of roses A rose for a rose Rose
Bouquet of roses Heart Strawberry Kiss Chocolate box
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Seksualna orijentacijaHetero
Visina>[160cm - 170cm]
Težina[46 - 55 kg]
Etnička pripadnostBela/Kavkasko
JeziciRuski, Engleski
Stidne dlakeObrijana
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Emotions, sensations, experience and desires
O meni
I am Rita. So fucking sensual!
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Radni sati AIWA
Ponedeljak 20.00 – 00.00
Utorak 20.00 – 00.00
Sreda 20.00 – 00.00
Četvrtak ne radi
Petak 20.00 – 00.00
Subota 20.00 – 00.00
Nedjelja 20.00 – 00.00

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Second place among women

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Komentari (167)
I think we can agree on the point that you won )))) vooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
))) prize is............................
cure for zombiness )))) next prize is about french law that I told you ))) if you win you could stay to mu home for 3 days while I'll be the frozen soldier fighting the storm ))) Riri I just want to be honest and tell you something, behind all mu jokes and emotions I have this fear of losing you, you mean so much for me, I care so much about you !!! mu soulmate❤️❤️
Riri, one year with you we grow old each other so one day we'll talk like old people ))) you accept me as I am and do so much for me !! after all this time we'll put a huge gong that we'll ring if I bore you, maybe people will think that it is a gong concert ))) I honestely think so much about spending more time with you, like losing all credibility by eating your tom yam and feel like burning!!!!
, sometimes I am thinking that if I had another friend than you here always asking me for tokens for anything I'll be homeless !!!! still you do your best for me... let's trade places and just help you by making you cheer up FOR ONCE !!!!!! )))) (no singing concert include in mu poor offer))
Thank you for this whole year with you
Thank you for all that evenings with you and your smile : )
               ヘ   / |
              / |  /  |
          }YL  ノ  | ノ    |
         ノ  ヽミ} F′〉  ッ┘
          {^^ . -┴┴‐ミ  ミ.._
          > ´          ミ、
        /              ミ、
        ノ  p ̄ヽ_         ミ、
     rヘ⌒   `ー ′          ミ、
    ニ{^                   ミ、
     〈、_   =三二_ー--         l
    ∠_     ー== 二_ー
   /   ¨ヾ、
  ノヘ      ヽ
I love you
Kis***is***iss and countless more Kisses for you most Beautiful Rita! Thank you for making me overwhelmed with Joy, I think about you constantly like I'm once again a young boy. You just do this with ease like its second nature to you, like I'm so ease to please. You have a way with me that melts my heart and its been like this right from the start. Rita what can I say I've fallen for you and I guess its no secret, you know this is true. Have an amazing night AIWA with all my love. See you soon
I just want to thank you for your infinite kindness and jokes, if your chain brings you freedom so ALWAYS WEAR IT !!! You are free mu riri, nothing and no one can stop you realizing your dreams, I cherish you so much, I admire you so much, I ring the GIANT GONG to announce the upcoming alboom from the band ))) We tease it so long ago that one day we'll really have to have a meeting to do the music XD soon it'll be our first year together.I am so happy and excited, prepare the list mu best friend
Rita what can I say but WOW!! Thankyou so much for such kind words, my heart skipped a beat when I read your lovely message.. You have no reason to be so kind to me as your popularity is so immense, this makes your words even more precious. You have made me feel special which is something money can't buy and please don't worry the next Koala I see I will of course say Hi hahaha and I will take a photo to post on my page for you. Thankyou again Sweety... With my Love!! Jinks
CyberRita 2077
Oh baby, oh baby, I'm in love...

Make me feel like I am breathing,,,,